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The true resurrection moment of Christ is “the back bone” and the core belief of all Christians.  Save the Illustration at the bottom of this article and then study the most deceptive Bible Translations ever made about the resurrection moment of the Christ.

The Prophet Daniel 7:25 warns the Saints in the everlasting kingdom of God, A wicked Ruler will think he can change the laws of God in the Bible. This ruler will also think to change “Set Times” to worship. The prophet Daniel is giving warning to the Saints of

God but they do get into the everlasting kingdom of God but after the get into the kingdom f God they are deceived about “laws” that are changed by the wicked ruler (Constantine)  and they are deceived about the  times God has set to worship.

Because these Saints are deceived about law and the time God has set to worship, then  God warned He will give the deceived Saints over to the hand of their deceiver.

Download the free Ekklesia Bible Translations from this site and examine verses in the Ekklesia Bible revealing  the true resurrection moment of the Christ and examine the restored “Set Times” that God has set to worship in the New Testament. Examine The true resurrection moment is translated correctly  in the Ekklesia Bible

translation see true resurrection moment of the Christ  The true translations of the Ekklesia Bible translation Mat 28:1, Mark 16: 1-8;  Luke 24:1: John 20:1

Then run a New Testament search for the full meaning of the G

reek word “Love.”

Run a search for the word “Law” and see how the understanding of the word “Law” is correctly described in the Ekklesia Bible and understanding “Law” has been changed by wicked B

ible translators.

Also run a search for the places where the restored true name Ekklesia is written in the ancient languages of the Bible

The conduct of “Ekklesia” is established by our heavenly Father before he laid the foundation of the earth and the council (court)  through Ekklesia is established by our Heavenly Father as the only answer to make peace between all divided Saints or Christians world wide.

Are you certain that you are  a professing “Saint” In the everlasting Kingdom of God or a “Christian?”

If you are not a professing Christian and if you can see, this notice of the restoration of the Ekklesia of Christ is also for the best of your welfare, and for the entire world of professing “Christians,” t

hen would you please forward this web site informat

ion on to anyone you know who is a professing “Christian.”

If you are obedient to God but call yourself as being in a “Church” examine the world of difference in the passive conduct

of a “church” compared to the true name -“Ekklesia” established by God.

Christ gives warning his “Ekklesia” can not be divided or overcome by the gates that lead to death or hell (Mat 16:18). So the great question is,  why do

all churches split splinter and divide? It is past time to stop division as “churches” because all churches are “divided”  and all divided churches fail God.  Read our article “Who  Started your Church.” We who profess to be Christian that are divided into thousands of churches are losing the Battle against ” “the gates of death” which is “the gates that lead to hell.”

All passive churches are  designed to be self destructive and the

conduct of all churches are in complete opposition to the established “Ekklesia of Christ.

Christ said it is hell that can not prevail or it is impossible for the Gates of Hell to divide his Ekklesia. When we as a Jury  conduct the court of “Ekklesia” to settle our differences in doctrine (instructions making the claim to be from God).  We can all unite through conduct of the established Ekklesia of the entire world of professing Christians, just like the Apostles established true Doctrine (instructions from God) through the conduct of the court of the Ekklesia in  Acts chapter 15.

Another example of the conduct of the Court of the Ekklesia is in Acts chapter 19.

{19:38} If therefore Demetrius, and the craftsmen that are with him, have a matter against any man, the courts [of the Ekklesia] are open,

and there are proconsuls: let them accuse one another. {19:39} But if you seek anything about other matters, it shall be established in the lawful [court of] Ekklesia. {19:40} For indeed we are in danger to be accused concerning this day’s riot, there being no cause [for it]: and as touching it we shall not be able to give account of this concourse. {19:41} And when he had thus spoken, he dismissed t

he Ekklesia.

Then we must learn what the conduct of the Ekklesia of Christ is so we can not be divided or overcome by the gates of hell.   All divided Churches must be convinced to restore to become the established Ekklesia of Christ.

We must unite through the first century free “Ekklesia Bible” the only method of translating a true Bible established by our heavenly Father (see the true open translation made for and by all the people), “The Ekklesia Bible” at this web site


. ) True this free E-Bible is only the beginning of an open Bible translation made into today’s English by the People and for the People.

Know the world of difference between a true “Saints of God” or the Christian and those who only pretend to be “Christian” by their actions from out of their heart (the seat of their emotions).

Note The God of all Christians is kind to His enemy or to those who hate Him. Luke 6:35b you shall be sons of the Most High [God]: for he is kind toward the unthankful and evil.

The command of our heavenly Father to all His Saints is Luke 6:27; “But Agape  love your enemies, and do them good”

“Agape love” is to hold a genuine benevolent care for the welfar

e of your enemy.  This teaching is not saying we can not protect ourselves from our enemies who hate us and want to kill us, but we are to hold and unselfish “Agape love” a genuine benevolent care for the welfare of all other humans and we are to create in our hearts the unselfish agape kind of love for our enemies. (“Agape Love” is to create and hold attitudes of a genuine benevolent care for their welfare).

Know the difference between the true Ekklesia of Christ and the false translation of the false word “church.”  In a dispute over doctrine, -Nothing is to be established for doctrine (i

nstructions from God) without the true purpose and conduct of “Ekklesia.” Our perfect Example how to hold the Court of Ekklesia  is found in Acts chapter 15.

Also in Acts 19:39} But if you seek anything about other matters, it shall be settled in the lawful Ekklesia.

Mat 5:9  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Do you really believe in the existence of the heavenly Father of all Creation? Hear the words of Christ; “Blessed are the peace makers.” Join with us and become a peacemaker.  To have peace among all professing Christians someone has to first put on a genuine benevolent care for the welfare of all professing Christians and then start trying to make peace through agape love, a genuine unselfish care for their welfare.

There is reported to be in the world, over forty thousands different

kinds of opposing churches with thousands of different and completely opposing church doctrines (instructions making the claim to be the only true instructions from God).  Like the Muslims all divided churches are hating and making spiritual war with one another as hating other different churches as their enemies with thousands of different and completely opposing  church “doctrines” (instructions all making the opposing claims to be from God).

Can you imagine one church holding a genuine benevolent care (agape love) for the enemy or the other Church who is teaching a complete opposing church doctrine. It will never happen. The only answer to division in churches is to restore the court of the “Ekklesia” established by our heavenly Father and keep the covenant we make with God to unite through Ekklesia to speak the same thing. If our heavenly Father trust the function of the Court of His Ekklesia to choose truth in doctrine, then we also must trust the Established court of the Ekklesia to established for all of us what truth is in doctrine (truth in the written instructions from God).

Mat 16:18 Now note carefully, Christ declares, he will edify his “Ekklesia” and through his edifying his Ekklesia, the gates that lead to death in hell can not overcome or divide his Ekklesia. The word “church” is a false Bible translation or else  a “church” is supposed to conduct self like the established  Ekklesia of Christ. Churches are passive and churches do not conduct selves in a militant war like manner as does the established council or the Court of the Ekklesia of Christ in the fight against the gates of death that leads into hell.

In word definition Christ declares his Ekklesia is impossible to be divided or overcome by the gates of hell (gates of death). Not one divided church in the entire world conducts self like the established and undivided true Ekklesia of Christ.

Would you examine the true function or the true purpose of the Court of  the Ekklesia of Christ and if you are convinced this is the answer to our division, would you investigate and  join with the thousands world wide in The Ekklesia established by Christ and become a peace maker for your creator? If you knew for certain that our heavenly Father does exist and He needs you to help make peace between every professing Christian in the entire world. Would you become concerned?  This is now being done to stop division through restoring The Ekklesia that was established by our heavenly Father before our  heavenly Father laid the foundations of the earth.

We do not ask anyone for their money but we beg you and we pray only that you will examine our motives, our source of scriptural truth.  If you find our hearts motivated from out of agape love (with a genuine benevolent care for your welfare and for the welfare of  every living person),  would you begin to participate with us as another very important peace maker through Ekklesia established by our heavenly Father.

Here is your chance to help make peace among all professing Christians and to bring the entire world of professing Christians together. We beg you to -Become a part of fulfilling Bible prophecy Daniel 7:25-27. The wicked ruler (Constantine thinks to change laws (of God) and “set times” (to worship).

Note carefully the prophecy in Bible time in through the laws of the Ekklesia of our God are now being restored in Bible translations of the Ekklesia Bible.

Time is now being fulfilled or restored Bible se times to worship is now when all dominions shall serve and obey him -When Laws of God is restored to the Bible records and the true name and conduct of “Ekklesia” is restored, and when true Bible “Time” and the Times that our God has “set to worship” is restored, the entire world will begin to serve and obey God.  Bible laws and Bible Set times of God to worship have been changed by the wicked ruler “Constantine” of the Catholic church. Law and every awesome set time event to worship is changed in all Bible translations except the Ekklesia Bible translations. Laws and set times to worship are being restored in true Ekklesia Bible translations, Here is what Daniel has prophesied will happen, when laws and set times to worship are restored.

Daniel 7:26  But the judgment shall be set, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.

27  And the kingdom and the dominion, and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High: his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.

Now honestly do you see the prophecy stating truth that, the entire world will become evangelized in the restoration to the Saint of God,  the true laws of God and the true set times to worship?

What will you do? What can you do? Come and join together with us on this website www.ekklesiabible.com .  To unite together in Ekklesia we do not for one moment sacrifice one established doctrine (instructions from our God). Rather we promote Ekklesia only to established truth in doctrine and the entire Ekklesia decides truth as a jury in a court trial.    Make the study of the difference in the function of a “Church” and then compared to the Ekklesia established by Christ.   Learn the true function of the Ekklesia of Christ.  As a professing Christian, restore self to become the undivided Ekklesia of Christ established by Christ and begin to help others to restore to become an active part of the true Ekklesia of Christ.

1Thess 3:12  And the Lord make you to increase and abound in agape love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you:

Mat 5:9  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God.

God bless you as a peace maker,

In the agape love for our heavenly Father, for truth  and for the Brotherhood,

A slave to the people and for Christ,

Will Wade

If you do not want to receive e-mails from the Ekklesia of Christ just tell us to stop and you name will forever be removed from the Ekklesia of Christ list.

E-mail gospelmentor@yahoo

Note The greatest deception in Bible translations is the true resurrection moment of the Christ. Save this illustration below and study the true resurrection moment of the Christ.

Note The greatest deception in Bible translations is the true resurrection moment of the Christ. Save this picture and study.

Who Changed the Lord Resurrection “Day.”

Right toggle Your Mouse and save image or Download this illustration and then enlarge to see what wicked Bible translators do to deceive you about the true resurrection moment of the Christ.


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