Ekklesia The Holy Bride of Christ

Hear The Song About “Ekklesia” The Holy  Bride of Christ

1Petros {1:16} because it is written, you shall be holy; for I am holy.


Ekklesia the holy bride of Christ

Ekklesia the holy bride of Christ

The Purpose of Ekklesia is to restore some sense of New Testament morality. Think about this fact, for thousands of years the people of God displayed nothing to attract and arouse the sexual but just the opposite they dressed purposely to stop others from committing sin of the heart (seat of emotion) .  This wedding dress is not Muslim but the first Century New Testament Ekklesia Christians. Muslims simply copied the seventh century wedding dress of the New Testament Christians of the first century.

Church leaders have completely failed Christ in every respect of what is Moral. How we reason morality from out of our heart is precisely how we will be judged by our God.



Now compareThe modern Church Bride to the decadent twenty first century bride in a church wedding. Today’s “Christian” who live in a world of fiction, fantasy and a world of make believe they have no idea what the true morality taught by God in first century Ekklesia  Christian is.

We can show more photos of  dress in worship made in modern churches that in the early nineteenth century their dress in public would have land that person in jail.  Are there any who think that their knowledge of morality taught from God is a better revelation than the morality of the first century Christian? Do not deceive self.


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