Ekklesia Truth Taught From This Web Site Becomes The World’s Most Loved or Most Hated Web Site

To teach truth in Ekklesia and to prove a genuine benevolent care for the welfare of every human on earth is needed to unite the entire Christian world. So it is only out of our agape love for every human on earth and for the best of welfare for ever professing Christian on earth we appear to actually have become the most hated and the most attack web site on the internet.
14,000 hits in one day and slowed down to a crawl, and to get logged in takes thirty minutes.   Not one hit register or leave a some kind of a comment is proof of an out right attack. But if not hate then why? We are not paranoid, Thirty years on the internet we know when we are being bombed

Because we were hated and attacked by the world, we were forced to change our web site to defeat our attackers. Yes it will cost us but that is the price we are willing to pay because we love truth and we have a genuine benevolent care for the welfare of every human on earth and especially we care for the welfare of every professing Christian in the entire world.

Know the truth in what we teach.  We are not your enemy. We are not the enemy of any professing Christian . We are not the enemy for the best of welfare for every living human on earth.    Some of our brethren who have now joined together with us, confess that twenty years ago they were our enemy only because they did not fully understand the truth of what we were teaching.

We prove only truth that the Ekklesia established by our heavenly Father is the tool of God He has created to discover and edify what truth is in the hot warfare against the gates of hell (Mat. 16:18).

Note carefully “Truth is the state of the Case” that exist as a challenge for every human in the entire world to discover. If you do not know and have truth then your true existence is in only a world of make believe, vicarism, fantasy, fiction, fables or just plain lies.

Did you know that our heavenly Father who has created His Ekklesia and through the entire Bible records our heavenly Father  knows that the intelligent humans He has created, most all created people in the entire world love to know what “truth” is or what truth or the state of their case is.  Everyone would like to know what the state of their case needed  either for the competition with the enemy and the danger that exist in contrast to the case where they can hope to exist in peace and comfort without pain or the need to compete to exist.

God has established Ekklesia to prove truth because He knows his created humans search for ways where there is no competition is needed to exist and everyone loves the facts to exist where they can actually see what the real truth is.

Even Satan and every disciple of Satan may not teach truth but even the disciples of Satan would like to know what truth is or what the state of their case is either necessary for the competition needed to exist with their Christian enemy or the state for their, pleasure, peace and comfort.

Because of what we understand to be truth taught from this web site we become the most hated web site in the entire world.   We the Ekklesia of Christ create in our hearts a genuine benevolent care for the welfare for the disciples of Satan who are our mortal enemy and they attack us and attack this web site because they hate us and hate for us to teach truth. The disciples of Satan can not stand us teaching truth against their church lies. All churches hate us and hate reasoning truth and instead of reasoning our differences they would if they could attack this web site.

We have made the challenge to all churches in the entire world to deliberate what truth is  and challenge them to prove their scriptural right to exist as a church.

All Churches are terrified of the truth being taught before their members because they know the scriptural truth taught from God will completely destroy every true church in the entire world.

Not only are we hated by every church in the entire world we are hated by Atheist and Bible Agnostics for teaching truth.

We through a genuine benevolent care for the welfare of every professing Christian in the entire world, we are trying to unite every professing Christian in the entire world and we are hated by most all the world of professing Christians for trying to unite them out of love for their welfare.

Atheist and Bible agnostic they know if all churches in the world stop being churches and become hot on fire Ekklesia for Christ the entire world will soon be turned right side up and all professing Christian become one Ekklesia, just as Christ said that, through his Ekklesia being edified together through the conduct of Ekklesia will defeat the gates of hell (Mat 16:18).

We the Ekklesia established by God are hated by every Muslim in the entire world because Muslims know when every professing Christian in the entire world  are united though Ekklesia the Muslim world in spiritual warfare can not stand before what truth is.

We were attacked with machines designed by our enemy to stop our web site.  We were hit fourteen thousand times in one day by their created robot machines that were made with the only purpose to cripple us.  Yes 14,000 hits in just one day for many days.   We are not stupid and we know for certain who our enemy is. We can be slowed down by our enemy but truth and the word of God will not be stopped by the enemies of our creator.

We can not be stopped because the truth and the word established by the true translated  Ekklesia Bible is out and the world has been set on fire by truth through established Ekklesia.

God bless you who are in search of truth or the state of your case in which you are forced through your conduct before your creator and God. You have no other choice but must exist either in hope of a world of painless peace and comfort or in eternal pain and the absolute need for continual competition.

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