Standing Invitation To Deliberate

Our Standing Invitation To Deliberate Any Ekklesia Bible Translation, Name or Doctrine

Our purpose to unite the entire world of professing Christians through the established conduct of Ekklesia.  Our focus is to expose through the conduct of Ekklesia the world of shysters and tricksters whose false Bible translations are designed with only one purpose to deceive and to divide the entire world of professing Christians.

This is the Invitation to deliberate through conduct of Ekklesia truth in the true Bible transliteration of the Greek name of the Christ.  The purpose is to settle the dispute once and for all time what the true New Testament name (the authority) of the Christ is.

The translators of the Ekklesia Bible confess they only know the rules of Grammar  taught by different university schools of the ancient Koine (common) Greek language.  To this point the thousands of Ekklesia Bible translators know for certain the name of Christ is written at first only in the first century common Greek language. Anyone with half the knowledge of the ancient common (koine) Greek can easily see the false name copied from the translation of a Catholic Priest of ancient Spain is pronounced in English as “Gez-us” and is spelled “Jesus” which is nothing like the true transliterated Greek name “Y’ehsus.”   Come and let us deliberate this true name of Christ disputation together and settle our differences through the conduct established Ekklesia.

A standing challenge to deliberate . Where in the new Testament do you see the transliteration of the Greek name of “Jehovah” or Messiah Yahusha?  There is no phonetic or written letter “J” discovered in the entire ancient languages of the Bible. Neither is the word Yahusha written just once in the New Testament Greek.

No one ever heard of them (Sacred name) or what they teach until the twentieth century. It is a entirely different debate with those whom we believe to be shysters or tricksters when they try to teach the New Testament was written at first only in the ancient Aramaic or the Old Testament Hebrew.  They teach the New Testament name of Christ should be written in the Old Testament Hebrew. We have a standing invitation for those whom we believe to be “tricksters and shysters” to deliberate with preachers or university Bible professors here on this site. Deliberate the true  transliterated name of Christ for The Ekklesia Bible, so the entire world of professing Christians can see what the real truth is. The “tricksters and shysters” would not dare expose their members to learn what truth is through conduct of established Ekklesia.



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