Unity Without Diversity Through Ekklesia

Unity In Ekklesia
The fitting words spoken by President Trumps inauguration speech is more appropriate for our unity of all Christians in the Ekklesia of Christ.
In our unity of our Ekklesia we will shine for every denomination in the entire world to join together with us in total and complete unity. We invite the entire world of professing Christians to come and let us together unite in conduct of the court of the Ekklesia of Christ established by our God for the purpose to unite us.
We will not impose our faith or our believeth on anyone, but through the conduct of the court of the Ekklesia that is established by our God, we will settle our differences once and for all time through the conduct of the court of the Ekklesia.
Together we will rediscover the lost function of the court of the Ekklesia and restore our loyalty to our God and to one another. When God’s people live together in unity, we will openly speak our minds and always pursue truth and solidarity. When we altogether agree to follow the same written rules and same written doctrine or instructions from our God that is proven only through the court of Ekklesia we as one mighty force of our God will become totally and altogether protected and unstoppable by the gates that leads to death in hell.

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