Welcome Is Your Invitation to Join Ekklesia

You are invited and most welcome to the spirit of truth and unity by joining with us on The Ekklesia Bible Site. We do not ask for your money.  This site is made to unite every professing Christian in the entire world.  We had to change site hosting and lost thousands of our registrations.  Please send others to this site to join with the thousands that will re-register.

Do you profess to be a Christian?  Do you know some one who does profess to be Christian? This web site is the absolute restored to the first century Christ established “Ekklesia” (“We Can Not be divided”) or we are truly none denominational and this site is created especially for the hot spiritual warfare between every Christian in the entire world against “death” or  the gates of Hell. Everyone has a voice in “Ekklesia” that right is established by our heavenly Father before he laid the foundations of the earth.  Through Ekklesia the majority as a jury in a court trial will decide what is true Doctrine (Instructions from God).

z-will-in-sack-cloth-183x300Will Wade Your slave in The Ekklesia of Christ.



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