Who Started Your Church? A Must Read

Our primary purpose is to finish Restoration started first by Churches of Christ, in this web site, to totally and completely unite the entire world of  the “Saints.” This is our last Chance to Unite through the -established conduct of court of the Ekklesia of Christ.  Take a good look around you, If we Christians do not “unite now” we will be enslaved and persecuted by the Atheists and the Bible Agnostics. Already some are being persecuted more than most of those who profess “Christ” can stand.

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“Listen to Who Started Your Church?”

Our God wants us who profess to be in Christ to unite. Through Ekklesia is the only method established by our God that will unite us and keep all the  Saints (Christians) in the entire world united in Doctrine (instructions from God).  This warning cry has gone Viral all over the entire world. . Baptist, Catholics, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostals, and a multitude of others in churches are promoting the restoration and unity through the established Ekklesia of Christ.  Prove to yourself how many who profess Christ and do love truth,  run your own search on the world wide web  for the restoration of the  established “Ekklesia of Christ.” Prove only when we all allow the established function of the Court of the Ekklesia  will ever Christian in the entire world become united as were the Saints in the first century.

Christ Said his Ekklesia is in warfare with the Gates that lead to death in hell, and the Gates of Hell can not (or it is impossible) for his Ekklesia  to be overcome. If the Ekklesia of Christ can not be overcome then Christ is  also teaching it is impossible to divide his Ekklesia (Mat 16:18).

On -this Site Let Christ give you his true Word Definition for his Ekklesia. Immediately you can easily see the passive conduct of a “Church” is nothing like the true conduct of hot warfare  of the  “Ekklesia of Christ.” When Churches conduct selves like the Ekklesia of Christ they become the Fastest growing Churches in the entire world only because they conduct themselves as the court (or the council) of the Ekklesia.

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