To convince the most highly educated intellectual that the Bible is breathed from the infinite God of creation, God created all His "time" and His "set time events"  to be measured with the eye in the natural eye observed time mode.  All written records of Bible time and set time events of God, are written only in the natural time mode.  The infinite God of the Bible did not need a clock to tell or measure Bible "Time." The infinite God did not Breathe Bible Time to His Saints so that they will need a clock to tell or to measure  Bible Time or  they do not need clocks to determine any  Bible set time events of God to worship.


In the early fourth century the wicked emperor  Constantine who thinks he is an earth god, he will fulfill Bible prophecy to Change "Laws of God" and change "set times" of God to worship (Daniel 7:25).   Constantine and the Catholic Church stopped "warfare"  the court of Ekklesia (the Latin council of Ecclesiam) that allows the entire assembly of God to decide truth in the source of true instructions from God and they started the First "Church" ever to exist on planet earth.  Constantine and the Catholic church also stopped the written natural time mode and Constantine and his Catholic Church have changed all written Bible time and every set time event in every Bible record to read the pagan false artificial Roman measure of Time.  This change of the Bible records of natural eye observe time mode to an artificial clock measure of the pagan time keeping completely and totally scrambles ever set time event of God in every most popular translated Bible in the entire world.


The Ekklesia Bible translation restores to the Bible record true translated Bible "natural eye observed time mode"  and restores truth in every set time event set by God in the Bible record. This restoration of truth of true Bible time and true set time events of God, restores to the Bible record the power of God to convince that the Bible is God breathed. 

To see a great power of God to convince, Just make a Bible Study in the Ekklesia Bible translation of  true Bible time and "Set Time Events of God"  in the Bible records that parallels the beginning creation of the dark of the first evening.


A powerful Example, Christ resurrected on a cycle of the same exact moment that God created the dark and the beginning of the Universe.  The all night celebration of Pentecost begins precisely at the beginning of dark, on a cycle of  the beginning of the creation of the universe.  The all night celebration of Pentecost is begun to be celebrated at the same exact moment of  the Resurrection of the Christ at "Dusk" at the beginning of dark on the night of the Bible solar Day Mia or Day One (at Dusk of the artificial measure of  Saturday night).